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TXP Media is on the fast track to becoming the premier digital video editing production company in Los Angeles. We place an emphasis on quality service that no other company can match, making us the best way to go to accomplish your filming/production, video editing, DVD authoring and duplication and replication needs. TXP Media is a video editing company that has been in business for over seven years now and we continue to please our clients with our innovative business solutions and applications.

One of the more common business services we offer is our DVD transfer process. Whether you have footage on slides that needs to be transferred to DVD format, or footage on VHS video that needs to be converted to DVD, or photos and images that need to be placed on a DVD for convenient viewing, TXP Media does it all for you so that you can have the information that your clients need ready to be viewed on a popular and widely used DVD format.

Utilizing only the finest of equipment to get the job done, TXP Media invests in only the finest hardware and software capable of performing the tasks necessary to satisfy our clientele's diverse needs. Our studio is equipped with powerful Apple editing workstations that are capable of performing the most anything from the simplest tasks to the more complex DVD transfer projects. To further customize our services, we offer a service packages that range in terms of the size of the data that needs to be transferred, how one wants the DVD to be set up, the number of chapters to be added, along with chapter and sub menu markers. Our DVD authoring services are flexible and are made to fit the budgets of small and large companies.

For more information on the possibilities that TXP Media can handle for you, click on our contact page and we will assist you with the professional service that we base our business on.

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