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CD Duplication Services

TXP Media offers ultimate professionalism when taking on your multimedia project from start to finish. Fulfillment and delivery times are a top priority of our company. Our company specializes in CD duplication services and many other services to cover your multimedia needs. Other services include: CD/DVD replication, DVD duplication, DVD authoring, DVD glass mastering, graphic design, and silk screening, to ensure your company gets the best quality print work. With state of the art technology and an inventive design team, we pledge to give industry leading multimedia services for your project and product. TXP offers multimedia services to independent artists, recording companies, the gaming industry and companies big and corporate. Our creative design teams will assist in getting your company recognized beyond all expectations.

CD ROM, CD burning, and CD copying are popular ways to get your audio or visual content mass produced for your preferred audience. CD-R duplication has to do with the duplication of material onto CD's, much like how we would record onto a blank audio or videocassette. It is suggested that our client have a CD master disc prior to any duplication appointment we may have set. We can cost effectively offer you small quantities (usually under 1000 units) without the initial costs you have with replication services, because we use the latest technology for CD duplication.

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All manufacturing is done in house at our state of the art production facility. Audio or visual media is reproduced via burning (copying) accomplishing CD/DVD duplication. Generally, CD duplication is how smaller quantities of CD ROM's are manufactured. TXP media offers professional multimedia services for the copying and burning of all your audio and visual material. TXP Media produces and manufactures CD business cards, Mini CD's and various shaped CD's. These are great for product presentations, music demos for radio play or promo for an upcoming full length CD, custom shaped CD's are as creative as you are with the content you put on them.

If audio/visual media is an integral part of your business it makes sense to partner with TXP Media to get your company ahead of the competition. Get the quickest turn time on the market by allowing us to duplicate your CD/DVD's on a network of multiple CD/DVD state of the art duplication systems. CD-R duplication opens the door to CD's for many projects that don't justify the cost or quantity of replicated CD's. Let TXP assist you in duplicating all your multimedia content while keeping your fulfillment and turn around time as top priority. Set yourself apart with unmatched multimedia services from TXP Multimedia Company.

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