CD replication services by TXP Media
TXP Media offers CD replication services to help your company generate a powerful marketing presence.

CD Replication Services

TXP Media is a professional CD replication service company offering industry leading fulfillment and turnaround times when taking on your CD replication project. TXP offers a full line of multimedia services. DVD authoring, DVD replication, CD duplication, DVD glass mastering, Video (VHS) replication/duplication, DVD duplication, silk screening/graphic design and offset printing are a few of many services we offer. TXP can manufacture your project and product with your original unedited footage in record time. New technology lets us use advanced visual software to ensure your company receives the best CD copying and CD burning services for a quality product, surpassing the industry standard.

TXP Multimedia Company offers a professional, hands-on approach while assisting independent artists, corporate recording companies (international or domestic) and more, on their multimedia projects. Whether for the duplication (burning) of existing media, or creating the glass master from the original for replication (cloning) of CD/CD-R or DVD/DVD-R, we have the multimedia mastering service for you. CD disc replication is great for high volume ventures with longer turn times. CD/DVD replication is the manufacturing process that virtually duplicates (clones) the original master CD/CD-R. Our CD replication and DVD replication services are available for CD/DVD-5 and CD/DVD-9.

Fully integrated computers perform an in line analysis for full correspondence with the original master. This certifies that despite the volume, every disc will be an exact duplicate of the original master. Warranting high quality and accurate production of your media. Our services are kept at the highest of standards to allow for pinpoint accuracy and fast turn around time when taking on a CD/DVD replication assignment.

Let TXPMedia's team of audio/visual professionals assist you or your company with all of its multimedia service needs. Our team's solid foundation allows them to create the most powerful marketing and promotional presence available for our clients. TXP's inventive team along with the latest ingenious DVD replication/ duplication authoring software will get you your product in the quickest turnaround and fulfillment times available. Partner with TXP and allow us the opportunity to aid in achieving you or your company's goals and move ahead of the competition.

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