DVD Duplication Services

DVD Duplication Services

TXP Media offers the best DVD duplication services in the multimedia industry, with video to DVD transfer giving quick fulfillment and faster turn around time. We also offer services for CD/DVD mastering, Video to DVD transferring, DVD authoring, DVD glass mastering and menu building capabilities. We also have a creative graphic design team to help create and deliver professional print work to your company. We can use your raw and unedited footage to help manufacture your project /product in the quickest time possible.

Clients should have a CD Master disc made prior to their duplication appointment. CD ROM/ DVD ROM duplication is when visual media is reproduced via copying or burning. Normally CD/DVD duplication is the way in which smaller amounts of CD/CD ROMs or DVD/DVD ROMs are manufactured. Media is placed into CD/DVD burners to digitally extract information from a master source. After extracting the information the data is relocated to a blank disc. Production starts only after we receive confirmation from the customer that all audio/visual work done on the tested disc copy is correct. We consult with the customer throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they receive exactly what it was they were looking for when they chose TXPMedia to aid in their multimedia project.

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If you have video (VHS) cassettes, transferring to DVD will make them last a lifetime. We can transfer your tape into high resolution DVD, with maximum clarity and supreme digital stereo sound. Up to 6 hours of footage can be transferred to DVD form. TXP media can relocate from any format: VHS, Betamax, Mini DV, Digital 8, 8mm, S-VHS, H18 and more. Videos of graduations, sporting events, weddings and any other personal moments will last a whole lot longer when transferred to DVD. Let your grandchildren see what you are doing today 10 years from now.

TXPMedia's knowledgeable audio/video staff will take full control of your project to ensure quick and accurate turn time while maintaining a quality product for our customers. We are an industry leader in the multimedia services sector, allowing us to be the best choice when looking to get your company on top of the competition. With a surge in media popularity and reduced cost of dvd replication/duplication technology, it is now possible to offer the same level of CD and DVD duplication services regardless of the service you are looking for. We pledge to offer a service for any of your multi media needs.

Our company understands your goals and is ready to offer you the most capable, cost effective results to indulge any company from any industry. TXP wants to aid you in accomplishing your goals, giving a comprehensive package that best fits your budget. Our business spans the globe, whether international or domestic, TXP will be here to assist in your quest for the ultimate in multimedia services.

Let TXP's expert team of multimedia professionals get you ahead of the competition. Make TXP Media your choice for DVD duplication services.

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