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The proper presentation of projects requires flawless organization. Organization so perfect that it gives others the impression that the task was pulled off with the greatest of ease. Most people say, "Success is 90% preparation and 10% presentation." TXP Media has taken this ideology to heart and has developed the tools and services that can make you appear to be a person of a meticulous nature, stimulate and attract new clientele, which will take your business to new heights.

TXP Media is an advanced multimedia services company that leverages the most up to date dvd menu studio software that provides the most contemporary DVD menu and authoring solutions for those looking to provide a high quality DVD to clearly and sharply depict video clips and documentaries. Our multimedia company expertly performs transfers of video data from tape to DVD while maximizing the retention of quality on the tape. Our packages range depending on the complexity and length of the transfer process.

With the transfer of video comes the option to make alterations to the new product. Experience has taught us here at TXP Media that it is beneficial to have your DVD video clearly indexed at important points of transition in the DVD. For just this situation, TXP Media can design a DVD menu to provide a location that viewers can skip around to the most relevant spots on the DVD. Viewers are sure to be impressed through this creation, since customers can then showcase their creativity and organizational skills on a highly visual platform.

Create professional pieces of digital visual media by creating DVD menus on all your projects. You never know when that big break might be coming, and proper presentation is everything when that time arrives. TXP Media is the choice for those who choose to place an emphasis on quality and professionalism.

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