DVD Transfer
CD Duplication offered by TXP Media.

DVD Transfer

Here at TXP Media, we take pride in giving our clients the type of service that cannot be gotten anywhere else. With a multitude of services to offer our clients including filming/production, video editing, DVD authoring and transfer, and replication/duplication, TXP Media professionally completes each project with the type of complete attention to detail that enables companies to present a polished image to others whether it be in DVD form, a filming project, or a project for their website.

With the DVD transfer and authoring process, our company realizes one important concept in which our work revolves around: "Presentation Is Everything." Knowing this, TXP Media employs only the choicest DVD authoring hardware and software programs to ensure that our projects turn out to your expectations.

Part of what makes our DVD transfer and authoring services such a success is that we employ only the brightest and most experienced technicians to complete these tasks. Our DVD authoring staff has access to over seven years of resources and experience in the field and leverages it all in the projects TXP Media undertakes.

By applying what we have garnered here at TXP Media in terms of experience, we then apply it to making your projects appear both polished and professional. Our purpose is to create a finished DVD project that can be easily maneuvered by one's views, potential proposed clients, company meetings or any other situation, which may come up.

Many times our clients have come to us requesting that we have our DVD and CD projects ready for mass distribution. This is just one of the many requests that TXP Media handles on a daily basis. Our supercomputers are equipped with the best technology and programs to full prepare your projects in either DLT or DVD format for proper DVD authoring.

No matter the size of the project, whether you need just a basic transfer of footage from slide to DVD format, photo to DVD, or Video to DVD, let TXP Media be the company that you turn to. Click on our contact page to see how we can be of service to you.

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