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Delivering information with digital media has quickly become a cost effective and preferred solution for many companies. With the prices of mass produced media going down and the availability of replication services to a wider range of customers, CD and DVD media has become a critical source for conveying information or products to your customers. However, it is sometimes unclear what solution best suits your company and what you need to do in order to create a final product you are happy with. TXP Media offers a wide range of services and is available to help guide you on the path to your best solutions.


When you simply have an idea and need the creative direction to make a physical product out of it, call on the TXP Media expertise to reach a solution. Our filming and production crews can create you high quality video working with your staff to fulfill your goals.

Video Editing
Our top of the line editing studios feature an array of Apple editing workstations with the latest software and hardware to convert your raw footage to a cohesive video. We can take raw footage in a variety of formats ranging from 3/4" tape, Betacam, DVCam, Mini DV, and even HD.

DVD Authoring
Presentation is everything. Our design and user interface experts can create an aesthetically pleasing, clean interface to allow your consumers to have easy access to the media on your DVD. Our authoring super computers can deliver your final DVDs in either DLT or DVD for Authoring format and have them ready for replication. Projects are always screened by our clients and approved before final product is delivered. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Replication/Duplication Services
Once your product is finalized and ready to be delivered to the mass market, TXP Media can assist you in all your CD and DVD Replication or Duplication needs. For a detailed explanation of the difference between Replication and Duplication please see our comprehensive help guide on the subject. Get an immediate estimate on the costs for your CD and DVD needs by checking out our instant online quoter. For more questions or concerns about doing business with TXP Media feel free to visit our contact page for methods to get in touch with our sales team.
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