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Impressions are primarily determined by visiual cues. In general, the first way a consumer or client will interact with your company will be visually. This can either be from a website, a business card, or even an informational company DVD. TXP Media has worked with several clients to not only build a new business identity, but realize this identity into several physical and virtual mediums. Below are a list of how we can assist you in print-related mediums:


"A Box Cover Industry" can be spoken of many industries, but none more than the DVD industry. Whether you are a company which simply wishes to send out informational DVDs to prospective customers, or you are a video producer who wishes to sell their DVDs to retailers and end consumers, the appeal of the DVD cover will make the difference between a sale and a rejection. TXP Media's team of graphic designers have years of experience using industry-standard programs to create unique and aesthetically pleasing designs for your DVD covers. Our end goal is always to produce a DVD layout which upon first impression immediately sparks interest about the product inside.


Companies constantly need to keep up with the times. A company with an old self-image is often negatively looked upon by potential clients. TXP Media can help create a logo for your company to build your client's trust.


When your final DVD cover, business card design, or any other print material is ready to be created into a physical product, check with TXP Media for the best possible prices on the market. Because every print job is different, and prices vary, we encourage calling one of our sales representatives for an instant quote at (818) 993-5721.

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