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Video Editing

TXP Media is a premier video editing company employs the only the most modern and up-to-date video editing and production services with our clients business endeavors. TXP Media utilizes a studio that is stocked with the finest digital video editing production equipment and post production software to aid a company in turning their current projects into professional and presentable masterpieces.

A major part of our post production capabilities involves utilizing our digital video editing program. TXP Media has the capacity to turn otherwise mundane presentations, websites, etc. into marketable pieces to represent your company's professional and sterling image to the utmost. We trust our work to only the most qualified companies who produce equipment that enables us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients. As a result, TXP Media leverages the most current Apple digital video editing workstations, which are especially current with their software and hardware design and capabilities, to compile and edit raw footage. With the progression of the video editing field, we understand that raw footage video comes in a multitude of formats. We make sure that we have the capacity to deal with them including " tape, Betacam, DVCam, Mini DV, and especially the new development of HD.

Being a complete video editing company involves investing in the highest quality digital video editing equipment and having the most experienced and learned staff around that is knowledgeable about the video editing and post production field. With seven years experience as a company in the video editing and production field, TXP Media brings a pool of experience to the table.

In addition to the digital video editing services that TXP Media offers, we are the complete package in this industry offering film production, DVD authoring along with replication/duplications services. For more information on how we can assist you, click on our contact page and contact us.

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