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Web Site Design

Company presence in the 21st century has been defined by the advent of web sites. TXP Media is geared to providing your company with the expertise to create and maintain your customized web site. With years of experience in all platforms and programming languages, our staff can coordinate with your company to build a wide range of possible web sites.


If you have a product to sell whether wholesale or retail to consumers, the ease and reliability of your website will make the difference in purchase volume online. TXP Media has experience working with all major payment gateways and implementing state-of-the-art shopping cart systems customized to each company's product. We will explore more than just the product you wish to sell and assist in targetting products to specific consumers, optimizing for search engines, submitting your site to price watcher systems, and building a user-interface which the end consumer can understand.

Our systems can also be equipped with intricate reporting tools for accounting, inventory tracking, and warehouse management.


Companies which do not need to sell product on the market, can opt instead to simply list their products and services. In a simple informational website, TXP Media will work with your company to create an identity and site design which defines what your organization stands for. We will then take this concept into a final static website which will provide information about your services or products along with pages illustrating details about what your company can offer.


Companies that wish to provide services for users online generally require some sort of dynamic interface for their web site. Whenever user interaction determines the output of your website, dynamic programming is necessary. The true test of this type of programming is scalability, bug presence, and reliability. Survival of web sites online requires that users can use the site without any problems or errors. TXP Media's tested dynamic framework eliminates a great deal of these bugs because all user interaction for any website goes through the same tested model. This model has also been optimized in several revisions to provide the backbone of a truly scalable website. Applications built under the TXP Media framework behave the same whether 1 or 10,000 visitors are using them concurrently.
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